Cloth diapers

I’ve been asked about cloth diapers many times, and each time I’ve emailed the friend who asked with information about the diapers I like. I decided it would be easier to put the information all in one place so that I could direct any future friends who ask to my blog. I’m also planning to add posts about other baby items that I’ve found helpful.

Before Kate was born, I bought or requested a few different kinds of cloth diapers. I had a number of unbleached cotton Chinese prefolds in two different sizes (small and medium). To fasten these diapers, I used Snappis, which are a great alternative to diaper pins.  and a number of Kissaluv fitted diapers in small and medium (size 0 and 1). These sizes fit longer than disposable sizes 0 and 1. Kate still wear the size 1 cloth diapers at night since they’re made to fit until the child is 25 pounds. They work well for smaller babies or for potty training toddlers since they only hold so much. They are very easy to put on and don’t require any folding or anything, and they have snaps built in that allow you to adjust the size.

My favorite diaper covers are Bummis Whisper Pants. I tried some of the wool diaper covers, but they didn’t work as well and were really restricting of movement which Kate hated. The whisper pants are thin, comfortable, washable, last well, and keep in moisture really well. I also enjoyed using homemade fleece diaper covers that attached with velcro. You can usually find these online on Ebay or Etsy. I made mine during Kate’s naptime one afternoon with free fabric, elastic, and velcro from the sewing room on our campus.

I bought my diapers from Baby Because and had excellent service from them. (I emailed them recently since some of the items I purchased weren’t on their website, and they said they are redoing the website and so some items aren’t displayed. If you’re interested in buying from them, I’d recommend calling or emailing  since they sell some of these items that aren’t listed on the website for good prices.)

One benefit of the kinds of diapering supplies that I’ve listed above is that they are all very helpful during potty training, too.  I still carry around some Chinese prefolds in a plastic bag in our car to put inside of our Potette portable potty. By using these, we don’t have to use the special disposable inserts that they sell with the potty. We use this portable potty so that Kate has a quick place to go potty instead of using public restrooms. This was GREAT on our long trips to Iowa and Virginia recently. As I mentioned above, the larger fitted diapers and larger Whisper pants have been useful for nighttime and naptime diapers for Kate. The only extra things I purchased for potty training were a few packages of Gerber training pants. I used the Whisper pants on top when she was having more accidents, and in the very beginning of training I used two training pants at the same time for extra protection.

I am a big fan of cloth diapers for many reasons. After the initial investment, they save lots of money since disposables are expensive. They are also great for using in places overseas where you can’t get disposables or where you’re hesitant to use the ones that are available. I also strangely enjoy the end result of putting dirty diapers in the washing machine and taking out fresh, clean diapers for my babies. (I’m positive I wouldn’t enjoy this as much if I had to wash them by hand all of the time.) Another great thing is that most stains on diapers (and ALL stains while a baby is still breastfed) disappear within an hour or two just by placing them in the sun. Cloth diapers have helped with Kate’s sensitive skin, they’ve saved us money, and they’re just cute!

In my next post, I will share more about our experience  with “elimination communication”, natural infant hygiene, or infant potty training. It’s another great tool to add to a mama’s toolbox. 🙂

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First belly pictures

Today is a special day. Today for the very first time, I’m wearing an entire maternity outfit! Not just the shirt like I have been lately, but pants too for the first time. So in celebration, here are pictures for Mama. 🙂 (The pants go up so high, they make my belly look a bit bigger than it really is. It’s definitely grown in the past few weeks though!!) 🙂




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