Our little one-year-old …AND

I am sitting and watching Kate play, and I realized that since I don’t have her baby book with me, I haven’t been recording what she is doing and what she is like at this age. I want to be able to remember all of the little things about Kate right now that I’m likely to forget over the years, and I decided it would be fun to share my observations on the blog.

Kate begins her day with a few sniffles and a yell or two, and by the time I have picked her up from her pack ‘n play, she has already said her favorite word at least once. “Uh oh” echoes through the apartment, although we’re never sure what she’s uh-ohing about so early in the morning. Until about a week ago, she was waking up around 7 or 7:30 and going to bed around 7PM. Since last week when we had a few late nights, she’s moved her schedule back to 8AM-8PM, and she has decided she doesn’t take morning naps anymore! Since this is a very new development in the Smith household, we’re still having a hard time adjusting, especially since our language lessons are in the mornings during what used to be her nap time. I’ll just keep hoping this is temporary and that she will change her mind about mornings naps very soon.

After she gets up from bed, I bring her into the living room where Bryan and I place our mattress each night, and she nurses and snuggles as we all gradually wake up. The next thing she says sometime during nursing is, “Hi, Da!” This morning she said it many times because Bryan didn’t answer right away. She loves her morning “Hi” from Daddy, and sometimes when she’s finished nursing she crawls over and gives him a kiss on the head or arm or nose. 🙂 She is quite squirmy, and we always tell her that she must not understand what snuggling is. She crawls all over the mattress and all over us, and many times she ends up using one of us as a jungle gym with our heads or noses as push-off points for her little feet as she wiggles all over. 🙂 After that, we all get up and go into the kitchen. Bryan has his tea, I have my cereal, and Kate has her breakfast of fruit, yogurt, cereal, or baby crackers. She signs for “more please,” which is really almost a clap and is pretty much exactly the same sign she uses for “potty,” unfortunately. Since she doesn’t usually sign for potty without being asked, though, we can normally figure out what she needs. Right now she is going through a screaming/squealing stage. She fusses by making a very high-pitched squeal, and when she gets VERY angry (like sometimes in the middle of the night), she screams the squeal and sounds like a ring wraith from LOTR. (Any suggestions are welcome from those of you with older children who have done the same thing or something similar. I suppose discipline at this age could be a whole different post!) So sometimes if I’m not looking and she wants more food, she’ll squeal, and then sign when I turn around. I’m trying to get her to say “Mama” to get my attention instead of screaming, but that hasn’t worked so far since she only says anything close to “Mama” when she’s VERY sad and cries, “Mommmmmmyyyyyyyyy.” She usually eats a very good breakfast.

After we’re all finished with breakfast, as long as it’s not a day for language lessons, Kate plays around the apartment while I get household work done. She babbles and sings little songs to herself while she plays, and she entertains herself very well. Some of her favorite things to play with are Bryan’s metal shoehorn, doors, her shoes (we don’t let her play with ours because they get quite dirty here), a “talking” baby doll that our language tutor gave her for her birthday, and plastic measuring spoons that I brought with me from home. If she finds Bryan’s socks anywhere, she will crawl around with one in each hand, and every once in a while she will snuggle with one up against her nose like she does with her blanket at night as she sucks her fingers, or she will try to eat them. If she finds any crumbs, pieces of leaves, fuzz, or any tiny things at all on the floor, she usually wants to eat them. I have tried to get her not to eat them so many times and have asked her to give them to me instead, and so now if she finds something, she’ll crawl over to wherever I am while pinching the tiny fleck in between her thumb and forefinger, and she’ll hold it up for me to take from her. Lots of times she’s already dropped it and doesn’t realize it, or the thing she “picked up” was a drop of paint on the floor in the kitchen. 🙂 Sometimes she is just about to eat something from the floor when she notices me watching her, and she’ll hold it up high for me instead. She says, “Uh oh!” many times while playing with all of these things. She says it whenever anything drops, of course, but she also says it if she wants to get down from being held, if there is something she wants, or if there is something she sees on the floor, like shoes, her toys, a bird outside on the sidewalk, etc. 🙂 We were watching shot put on tv the other afternoon, and whenever one of the women would throw the shot put, Kate would exclaim, “Uh oh!”

Her language use is rapidly increasing, and every so often she surprises me by coming out with something new. Yesterday, for example, I was praising her for asking for more food nicely instead of yelling, and she said very happily and very clearly, “Okay!” For some reason it reminded me of Virginia when she was little. 🙂 She has started saying some of the words with the signs that we use, such as the one for “All done.” She says, “Ahhhhh duh” when she’s finished eating or finished going to the bathroom and wants to get down from the potty. We started a new sign recently for “Down, please” when she wants me to put her down on the floor, and she often says, “Doooow peas” as she does the sign. One of her other favorite words is “Daddy,” and lots of times she’ll repeat this over an over when he’s gone and she wants to know where he is. Sometimes she says “Hi” or “Hey” and “Bye bye,” but usually she just waves.

Mama sent Kate some socks for her birthday, and since she seemed a little bit chilly, I put a pair on her as I began to type all of this. She came up to me a few minutes ago pulling on them and wanting them off, so I took them off. Now she is happily playing with them, waving them around, putting them down, and picking them up again. 🙂 Maybe I’ll let her play with those and put another pair on her feet. 🙂

Kate is a strong-willed little girl, and she gives us trouble at times with her stubbornness and temper, but she also has lots of times when she is very sweet and loving. She loves to give us kisses, and sometimes she gives hugs and pats on the shoulder. Sometimes her kisses are very forceful and she leads with the forehead so that they’re more like kisses from a little head-butting goat. 🙂

Kate loves music, especially piano music. We have a piano in our apartment right now, and she likes it when I play for her. I played for her the other day while she was eating lunch, and I looked over and she was dancing around while sitting and eating. Then when I was finished, she clapped! She knows how to make her mama feel appreciated. 🙂 She likes to sing her own songs, or to sing along when we sing to her, and she loves it when her Gee (my mother) sings to her on skype. She dances and hums along almost anytime she notices music around her. Lots of times as she is going to sleep she sings little songs in her bed, and last night when she was up in the middle of the night, I heard her singing quietly for a while before going to sleep again.

She doesn’t usually want to eat very much for lunch, unless it’s on Sundays when we eat a late lunch. I haven’t been able to find milk here that has fat in it that doesn’t taste absolutely disgusting, so she is not drinking milk from her cup yet, but she loves drinking water. Sometimes if we’re out to eat, we’ll give her a sip of Sprite or Fanta from a straw, and she likes that, too! Her favorite thing to eat when we go out is chicken mcnuggets from McDonald’s. (By the way, we are VERY impressed with the McDonald’s here. We don’t usually eat there in the States, but the food here seems to be of higher quality and is always hot and tastes fresh. The restaurant is extremely clean and well-staffed, they give Kate a balloon to play with almost every time we go, and the music and menu are in English! Well…I guess the music is, and the menu almost is if you can figure out the spellings, like the “Big Teysti” burger.) Kate eats 6 nuggets by herself, along with a few fries and sometimes a few bites of our burgers. She usually eats more for supper than for lunch, and we’ve discovered that she can be a bit of a picky eater. I don’t know if it’s because her teeth are hurting her or if she’s just being picky, but sometimes she just decides she doesn’t want to eat what we are having for a certain meal, and she’ll just sit there the entire meal and play instead of eating, even if I know she’s hungry.

Kate usually has a little snack and sits in her high chair while I’m making dinner, and after each meal she loves being cleaned off at the sink. She thinks it’s fun to put her hands in the water and grab the faucet, and she likes it when we clean her mouth because she gets to make funny noises and lick the water on our hands. She plays for a while after supper, and she likes to sit in Bryan’s lap while he’s on the computer while I do the dishes. Some nights she takes a bath, and she has recently discovered that baths are FUN! She likes it when the water is higher so she can bob around in it a little bit, and although she still doesn’t like getting water in her ears, she’s doing a lot better with water in general. She likes to splash a little bit, she loves to explore the shiny handle of the water stopper, and she enjoys playing with the water as it comes out of the faucet. After her bath, she always smiles if I turn on the bright lights above the bathroom mirror while I comb her hair.

She usually goes to bed pretty easily. We take her to the potty before bed (and numerous times a day), and she’ll usually go before bedtime. She’s not completely potty trained and we’ve had lots of setbacks in the past few months with all of the changes, sickness, and teething. She’s doing well, though, and whenever she has training pants on, she’ll let me know when she needs to go or just after she wets her pants, and she rarely has dirty diapers or pants but goes in the potty instead. After putting on a clean diaper, I usually sing her a little song and put her in bed, and she goes to sleep without much fussing.

I hope I will be able to make this kind of post a tradition for our children each year around their birthdays. It will be fun to have a record of what they’re like each year.

Oh wait, I just said children, didn’t I? 🙂 As a reward to my readers for making it all the way to the end of this post, now I’ll share some exciting news. I’m pregnant! 🙂 Praise the Lord! 🙂

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Leftover garden

You might remember last year in March and April when I was working on a garden while Bryan was in Africa. Sometime during the summer, the garden was abandoned after I discovered a tarantula lurking beneath some weeds. I’m very afraid of spiders, and almost picking up a tarantula while pulling weeds was a bit too much for me. Since we saw a few more tarantulas around the yard after that, I decided it wasn’t worth it to work in the garden anymore and left the plants to the hot summer sun.

Believe it or not, one of the plants survived! There was an artichoke plant in the corner of the garden, and it didn’t seem to mind the Texas heat. It even lived through the winter, and as soon as the weather started getting warm, it started growing rapidly.

artichoke plant

artichoke plant

Now it’s gotten even bigger, and the other night we ate our first artichokes from the garden! They were a little bit smaller than the ones you buy in the grocery store, but they were delicious! Thanks for the help with the garden, Mama! Who knew we’d still be enjoying it a year later?! 🙂



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Our little singer

Today we visited a church of people from another culture, and we greatly enjoyed worshiping with them! Everything was done in another language, and we had someone translating for us during the sermon. They provided song sheets with phonetic representations of the words along with an English translation so we could sing along and know what we were singing. The music was so different from what we’re used to, but the songs were beautiful and the words were very meaningful. It was so neat to worship with the believers there in another language!

While we were there, we learned something I had already begun to suspect about Kate. She likes to sing! Of course she can’t say any words yet, and she definitely can’t carry a tune, but when music is playing or other people are singing, she sings along! Sometimes she hums, and sometimes she says ah or uh, and she usually stays right around one pitch. During the worship this morning, she was even stopping between verses when everyone else stopped even though the music continued, and when the song ended, she was (mostly) quiet! It was such a cute thing to see! 🙂

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so many new things!

What a great day Kate and I have had together! (Unfortunately I don’t have pictures since our camera was out of batteries.) We started the day off well by sleeping until 7:30, and we had a quiet morning. Kate went down for her morning nap around 9:30, and I went on a walk & got ready for the day before she woke up. After her nap, I set her down to play on a blanket nearby as I was sewing. Last night I had started making a Mei Tai baby carrier for her. I already had the pieces cut and the shoulder straps sewn, so I just had to iron it all, pin it together, sew it together, and topstitch. (I used this pattern with a few changes and some VERY cute upholstery fabric that Mama gave me when she was cleaning out her sewing room.)  I can’t wait to post a picture of it! Kate took her afternoon nap before I was finished, and I was so excited about it when I finished that I wanted to wake her up to try it out. I didn’t, of course, but I wanted to. 🙂 When she woke up and we tried it out, it worked really well and she seemed to like being carried in it. I strapped her on my back and got a lot of housework done before dinner, and she didn’t fuss one bit!

One fun thing about the day was that this was the first day I decided to see how long we could go without using a diaper. It was as if she’d been waiting for me to try that! She went from 11 AM (after her first nap) until bedtime without needing a diaper, and there was only one time on the blanket when I didn’t take her to the bathroom soon enough. She even stayed dry during her two and a half hour afternoon nap! A day like today gets me excited about EC and IPT all over again! 🙂

The final excitement of the day was at dinner time. Kate has been trying to eat a few new things here and there, like last night when she had her first Cheerios. Tonight she had her first fruit, and she loved it! Mama gave us a baby food mill, and I used it to puree a cooked apple. I was expecting to have to mix the apple with some oatmeal baby cereal to get her to eat it since it was a little tart, but she ate it all by itself!

This is really such a fun age! She is learning SO many new things, and she seems so happy about all of it! It’s hard not to catch some of her enthusiasm and cheerfulness. 🙂 What a little blessing she is!

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It’s a girl!!

She’s here!! Our little darling is finally here! 🙂 Katheryn Anne Smith was born Friday, August 15th at 7:09 AM, weighing exactly 8 pounds and measuring 20.75 inches. She is just perfect! 🙂

What a wonderful week it’s been! I just love being her mama. It has been tiring and hard at times learning to take care of her, but every bit of the pain and lack of sleep has been completely worth it. It is so amazing how much I love this little one and how happy and content I am now that she’s here. I am so thankful for her and for the fact that she is healthy and I am healing rapidly. God is so good to us!

I want to write about labor and her birth while it’s still somewhat fresh in my mind. I think I have probably forgotten some parts already, but I’ll ask Bryan about it and will try to remember everything. I want to have a record of it, and this is the easiest place I have to write.

I had another similar morning on Thursday that I described on Tuesday with contractions that had woken me up that night and continued through the morning and other symptoms of early labor. I had my appointment with the midwife, and she told me I had progressed a little bit since the previous appointment, but not much and that I should keep her updated if anything changed. The contractions slowed down in the afternoon, but by dinner had picked up again. I was very uncomfortable and felt somewhat sick, so I decided to lie down and rest and watch the Olympics to distract myself.

in labor

Dinner while in early labor, final pregnant picture!

I started timing the contractions around 8 so I could tell if it was really labor. They were coming about every 15 minutes, and by 9:30 they were all under 10 minutes apart. Around midnight I was having to concentrate on them and started to work on relaxation. By 12:30 they started being less than 5 minutes apart regularly, and so we called my midwife Kelsey around 1:30. One of her other patients was also in labor and acting like she would give birth sooner than I would, but didn’t want anyone to come to her house yet. Kelsey wasn’t sure what to do; she told me later that she had prayed for wisdom to know where to go since she felt more emotionally attached to me but the other patient didn’t know the other midwives like I do and she didn’t want her to be uncomfortable. Just after we told her we didn’t know if we needed someone here yet, I had a much stronger contraction and decided that yes, I did want someone here soon. I wanted someone who knew what was going on, who could tell me if I was progressing at all, and who could answer my questions. That solved the problem for Kelsey since she had decided to go to the person who asked for her first, and she arrived a little while later.

I had been dilated to 2 cm at my previous appointment, and by 4 AM I was about 5 cm. Labor had gotten quite intense by that time, and I was so afraid that I wouldn’t have made any progress and would still be at 2 cm. I spent most of the time laboring in our rocking chair with it reclining slightly. When that position got old, I would get on the bed and try something different. I tried lying on my side, but that was just too painful. Kelsey brought in a large ball (like the exercise ones you see, but a bit less inflated) and I used it to support my head and shoulders so I could rock back and forth on my knees. This helped the pain I was feeling in my hips and the front of my legs during contractions.  Sometime during all of this, my friend Amanda arrived to help.  I was so focused on what was going on that it took me a long time before I was ready for her to come back to see me, but it was good to have her here.

As the morning went on, that pain in my hips and legs grew so strong and was not going away between contractions. I told Bryan and Kelsey that I didn’t think I could handle any more and that I’d never be able to make it through transition if it was already so hard. Kelsey laughed and said, “Meg, you ARE in transition.” 🙂 I was quite happy to hear that! Kelsey suggested getting in the bathtub to help me relax between contractions in hopes that the leg and hip pain would go away, and so once she had gotten it ready, Bryan helped me up and toward the bathroom. As soon as we got into the bathroom, I asked Kelsey what it feels like when it’s time to push. She said that maybe we should go back into the bedroom pretty quickly!

I started pushing in a squatting position, and with the first contraction, my water broke.  Bryan was supporting me from behind, and between contractions he would help me stand to give my legs a break.  After a few contractions, I yelled for Amanda to come back in ’cause I knew she’d want to be there.  The contractions got very close at the end, and I was confused as to how hard I should be pushing.  Since there was another lady in labor at the same time, the two other midwives who were supposed to be there weren’t there, and another midwife got there to help just after I had started pushing.  I think Kelsey was very surprised at the rapidity of this stage of my labor, and so she didn’t end up coaching me as much as I would have preferred at this point.  She was telling me to push, and I was thinking about not wanting to tear, but then the pain and urge to push got so strong that I just pushed and didn’t think about anything else.  Suddenly I heard Kelsey say, “The head’s delivered!” and I pushed again, and they were suddenly setting my sweet baby up on my stomach.  She was a bit blue and didn’t cry immediately, and I just barely had time to ask if the baby was ok before she let out a strong cry and Kelsey said she was perfect.  Somehow I got back up on the bed with Bryan’s help, and Kelsey asked if we’d seen if it was a girl or a boy.  I hadn’t since I was just so amazed that Baby was finally here and was so beautiful.  I tried to lift the umbilical cord to see, but couldn’t quite get it, and Kelsey did and I announced, “It’s a girl!  It’s our little Kate!  Katheryn Anne!”  I was crying, Kate was crying, Bryan was crying…I’m guessing Amanda probably was too, but I’m not sure.  I remember hearing her gasp or exclaim something when I said Kate’s name since we’d been keeping it a secret.  What an amazing moment that was!  I felt so close to Bryan, so amazed at the little life that the Lord had given us, and so thankful that she was finally in my arms!

She's here!


Lots of what happened after her birth is very fuzzy in my mind.  I was very exhausted, and I remember being frustrated that the midwives had to keep doing things to me.  Of course I knew they were just taking care of me and making sure everything was ok, but I was ready to snuggle with my sweet baby and be quiet with just her and Bryan.  I was bleeding more than they wanted, so they gave me a shot of Pitocin.  We called family, they stitched me up a little bit, and we got ready for me and Kate to take a bath.  Unfortunately, I was too dizzy to be able to take the bath, but that ended up being fine and not bothering me too much.

What an amazing morning!  I called Daddy first – Mama was on the plane on the way here – and then I called Laura and Hallie.  Mama called Amanda’s cell phone as soon as she landed since Amanda’s husband Adam was picking her up at the airport, and so I got to tell her about Kate myself which I was SO excited about.  Mama was so surprised that Kate was already here and that she’d actually been born almost three hours earlier!  It was such a blessing to have Mama here within four hours of her birth!

Once everyone but Amanda left, we had some quiet time before Mama arrived.  Well, it was supposed to be quiet time. 🙂  We unwrapped Kate from the towel she’d been in, and somehow the diaper that someone had put on her hadn’t been put on completely.  She had gotten meconium ALL over the bottom half of her body, and she did NOT like it when we tried to clean her off.  Kate’s first diaper change was quite noisy and long.  Mama got here soon after that, and for some reason I’m having a hard time remembering that.  (I started writing this post a week after Kate was born, but now it’s been another week and a few days and more things are fading in my memory.)  We ended up giving Kate to Mama to snuggle while Bryan and I slept.  However, while Bryan was able to sleep just fine, I kept waking up as soon as I started to drift off because of the pain, and then after a while I just started to miss Kate so much that I wanted her to come back in.  I couldn’t get up, so I finally got Bryan to get up & get Mama, and he fell asleep again on the sofa while Mama and I talked and watched Kate.

I could keep writing and tell you all about her first two weeks, but I should probably stop here. 🙂  It was such an amazing time, and I’m so thankful for the many blessings the Lord gave to us that day and in the following week!  We love Kate SO much and we’re so glad she’s part of our family!

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Lots of pictures!

24 weeks along!Well, here I am again after a long absence. I have been busy growing our baby, as you can see from this picture! Bryan is finally home, and I’m SO glad to have him back again! He had the camera with him while he was gone, so I saved up all sorts of things to take pictures of and post once he got back. My blog has started doing pictures differently since the last time I posted, so we’ll see if I can get it to work correctly.

One great blessing while Bryan was gone was that Mama was able to come visit me for almost a whole week! We had a wonderful time together, and I really enjoyed her company! We got SO much done while she was here. We reupholstered a rocking lounge chair that I will use when the baby comes. Unfortunately I don’t have a before picture, but here is the finished product!

reupholstered chair reupholstered chair reupholstered chair close-up of material

I think the new material makes a huge difference in the appearance of the chair, and I’m excited that it matches in my living room where it is now as well as in our bedroom where we will put it soon.

Another thing Mama and I did was plant a vegetable garden. I finally have pictures of my little plants. I’m putting a lot of small pictures below, and you can click on them if you want to see larger versions. (If you look at this page on Internet Explorer instead of Firefox, you should see the captions so you’ll know what plants they are. For some reason Firefox isn’t showing the captions on my computer.) I’m very excited about the cucumbers. The first time I planted the seeds, they didn’t spout because I had them in too much shade. Now they are in full sun, and they’re finally sprouting!

rosemary cilantro artichoke artichoke pumpkin cherry tomatoes cherry tomatoes tomatoes cucumbers! green bell peppers spinach rosebush, mint, Bryan's

That final picture is in our back yard instead of the side yard with the other plants. I trimmed a rosebush just after Mama left, and it’s sprouting again. I also planted the mint when she left. At the very top of the picture, you can see some rocks and charcoal along with a grate. I bought some steaks for Bryan to have when he got home since he hadn’t eaten much good meat while he was gone. He surprised me by cooking the steaks on the ground as he had watched people do on his trip! Those steaks were SO delicious! I was impressed. 🙂

In order to have a place for Mama to stay, I worked on organizing the guest room/baby room. It’s a little crowded with the exercise bike in there, but it seems to work alright.

guest room/baby room guest room/baby room

We received the pack ‘n play in the mail the other day, and I already have it set up in our bedroom! (Thank you so much, Debbie!) We’ll keep Baby in with us until family finishes visiting, and then we’ll probably move the pack ‘n play into Baby’s room.

pack 'n play

On one of the nights just before Bryan’s return, I was running out of things to do on my to-do list before he got back, and I was feeling somewhat creative. I decided that our bedroom looked bare and boring, and that I wanted to paint something to put up on the wall. The lady who lived here before us left a lot of pictures and picture frames, and while I disliked most of the pictures, some of the frames were nice. I decided to take one of the large ones and paint over what was inside. (Don’t worry, it was just a print that had a price tag for about $10, so I didn’t paint over anything valuable!) 🙂 I decided that I would focus on putting paint down on the paper instead of letting my perfectionist tendencies get in the way like I usually do, and that I would have something to put up by the end of the night, no matter what it looked like. Usually I spend days or weeks on something and am never satisfied enough to actually display it, or I never actually complete it. But this time I was surprised with the result! I still see flaws in it, but I can more easily accept them. Bryan is encouraging me to paint more of these, and I just might. 🙂

painting, view at Hanshill painting, view at Hanshill

Now that Bryan and I have had some time to catch up, we’re starting to get back to regular daily life. So this afternoon while I was taking pictures, I thought I’d get a shot of my dear husband as he worked in his garage. (Yes, he still has the goatee!) 🙂 I’m so glad to have him home!

Bryan in his garage

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Well, it’s officially been a week and a half since Bryan left, so I’m about a fourth of the way through. I’m excited that he was able to go on the trip, but it’s definitely hard having him go away for so long. However, Mama’s coming tomorrow to keep me company, and I can’t wait! 🙂 While unpacking this week, I’ve been doing a few things to get ready for her to come, like finding a mattress and box spring on Craigslist.com. I already had a bed frame. My friend Amanda came with me in her husband’s new truck, and we picked up the mattress this afternoon. We were probably quite a sight tying it down!  There we were, two women, one pregnant, in a parking lot with bungee cords and ropes trying to figure out how to tie a mattress set down tight enough to go onto the highway without losing it and causing an accident.  We tugged and pulled on the bungee cords, and at one point, I was sitting on top of the box spring while she tied knots so that she’d have slack on the ropes.  After a good 30 minutes, we finally got it situated, and we made it safely home with both pieces. 🙂  It was definitely an adventure. 🙂

Unpacking is going well.  I have the kitchen almost completely finished, and the other rooms are coming along slowly but surely.  I know Bryan will be happy to come back to a home instead of to a house with boxes all over. 🙂

One great surprise since Bryan’s been gone is the amount of communication we’ve been able to have.  He has been able to email many times, and I’ve even gotten to talk to him on the phone twice for very short calls.  The reason he’s been able to communicate so much is that he and one of his teammates have been sick, so they were stuck in a larger town where they were able to get medical help and where they found internet access.  They are finally better now, for which I’m very thankful!  They will be leaving the larger town sometime soon, so I won’t be able to hear from him as often.  It’s a good thing Mama will be here!  We’ll keep busy, and I won’t be so lonely since she’ll be with me. 🙂

I’m sitting with my laptop pressing close to my lower stomach, and while I’ve been typing, Baby has been kicking at the computer.  He/she was kicking a lot this afternoon!  I had my Josh Groban cds playing while I was unpacking in the living room, and I think Baby liked the music. 🙂  Maybe I’ll notice more kicking tomorrow at church!

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crazy times

Wow.  What a week!  Not only are we moving into our new house, but we’re also doing last-minute preparations to send Bryan off to Africa on a mission trip.  He’s leaving Tuesday the 4th and returning April 14th.  Sometimes I think we’re totally crazy to be moving and getting ready for a trip all at the same time!

One thing that’s making today particularly crazy is that Bryan finally received a quote on the transportation that’s supposed to take him and his teammates around the country.  He had been expecting this quote for weeks from a contact within the country, but as we are learning, these things never come quickly.  Unfortunately, the official quote he received is quite a bit higher than he had originally been told.  We have enough to cover part of our portion, but not all, and the other guys are in the same boat.  We sent out an email to our friends and supporters asking for prayer and for financial help if they feel led, and now we’re just waiting and praying to see what the Lord does.  Being a planner, I really don’t like last minute surprises like this!  However, we are learning that this is how things work in the missionary world, and in this part of Africa in particular.  Bryan has been talking with our organization’s president all day, and he keeps saying things like, “Looks like you’re in over your head…which is actually a good place to be” and talking about how we’d better get used to this kind of thing.  We are praying a lot that the Lord will continue to guide us as the guys make these decisions, and we’re trusting that if this trip is truly His will as we think it is, he will provide what we need even with such little notice.  It’s always amazing how the Lord uses financial situations to stretch our faith and our trust in him.  While the stretching is scary and uncomfortable at times, I’m so thankful for it because of the results!

Moving is going very well.  We’re going to be completely out of the old house by tomorrow, and all I have left to do is some cleaning and vacuuming.   And don’t worry, the previous owner is not living with us in our new house. 🙂  She finally moved the rest of her belongings out late Friday night, and we were able to move our furniture in on Saturday.  I haven’t done very much unpacking yet, but will be able to do a lot of that once Bryan leaves.

Although I will miss him terribly while he’s gone, I think we will all be relieved when he and the other two guys actually leave because all of this will be taken care of!

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House pictures!

It’s official.  We’re moving into our new house around the 22nd of February, and I can’t wait!  I have put pictures up on my Flickr site, which you can get to by clicking here.  Yay! 🙂

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busy fingers!

I’m very excited that I finally have pictures to join in on Shereen’s Sew Crafty Friday again!

sew crafty button

My sister asked me to make a set of baby things for a present she needed.  She has been encouraging me to sell the things I crochet.  I haven’t done that yet, but it might be fun sometime.  Because I wanted the gift to be very nice, I picked a new pattern that was a bit more fancy than what I’ve done previously.  Unfortunately, I didn’t think about how much longer this type of stitch would take when done in baby yarn, and it took me MUCH longer to finish than I originally anticipated.  Moral of the story: don’t try a new pattern when you have a deadline!

Anyway, I finished the blanket last week, and I remembered to get the pictures from our camera in time for posting today!  I’m also sending booties and a hat, which aren’t shown.  Here is the blanket!

baby blanket

And here’s a close-up.

closeup baby blanket

I hope you like it Hallie! 🙂

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