An interview about me

This interview was done by Drew Bennet, a member of the church staff at Trinity Reformed Baptist Church in Maryland. He asked some great questions!

Drew: First, introduce yourself a little bit and tell us about your family (include how you met your husband):

Meg: My name is Meg ___, and I grew up in Lynchburg, Virginia in a
Christian family. I have two older sisters who are married and have
children already. I met my husband Bryan during my last year of college
when he came to visit his sister for an early spring break in 2004. She
and I lived in a house of 12 Christian girls. The night we met, he asked
about my major (Cognitive Science with a concentration in Linguistics)
and about what I planned to do with it. I explained that I was
interested in Bible translation. He seemed very interested, and I found
out why a few minutes later when he explained that he was a recruit with
_a Bible translation organization_! He called me each day after that, and we
attended linguistics classes together that summer in Grand
Forks, North Dakota. By the end of that summer, we were engaged!

Drew: Explain your background with _(our organization)_. If a person was interested in translation work, what skills do you think are essential to carryout this task effectively for the spread of the gospel?

Meg: Since Bryan was already a recruit with ___, it made sense that I should
join ___ too once we were engaged. I became a recruit in the winter of
2004, and Bryan and I became “missionaries in training” during the
summer of 2006. I had already taken a few linguistics courses during
college, and Bryan and I spent two summers in North Dakota taking
classes for the Certificate in Applied Linguistics. These classes
prepared us for graduate work at the Graduate Institute of Applied
Linguistics (GIAL) in Dallas, Texas.

I would say that it is important for someone to be interested in
languages and in other cultures, but there isn’t any particular
background that is necessary for someone to begin studying to do Bible
translation. We have fellow students who have been to seminary, students
with advanced degrees in other languages, and students who had never
taken a linguistics course before coming to our school. There are also
students of all ages preparing to go into full-time ministry. There are
so many jobs that need to be filled to help with Bible translation, and
so if someone was interested in doing /something/ while they weren’t
comfortable actually translating, there would be a place for them. Bible
translation organizations need all sorts of people! Our organization at
different times has a need for recruiters, secretaries, managers, board
members, fund-raisers, literacy workers, church contacts, teachers, and
technical workers.

Drew: Tell us about your plans for ministry overseas. How did God lead you to this particular location in _(country we work in)_? How did you sense God speaking to you, saying “Go to ____”? How long do you plan on staying?

Meg: We first heard about the opportunity to work in ___ in January or
February of 2006. Some others in our organization had heard of needs in
___ and went on a short trip into southern ___ in the summer of
2006. We had been praying for years that the Lord would show us where
he wanted us to serve overseas, and so in early 2006 we began to pray
about the possibility of going to ___. We listened with interest when
friends from our organization returned from their trip, and we read as much as we
could about the history and the current situation in the country. At
the same time, we were also hearing a lot about needs in Guinea West
Africa, and so we thought we would be spending our first term there.
However, through all of that, our hearts began to lean toward ___, and
we felt a love for the people and a strong desire to help them. The big
turning point came in November when we were offered the opportunity to
go to ___ for a month. The only catch was that we had less than a
week to raise funds, gather supplies, and leave the country! We prayed
a lot, and we agreed to go. We jumped into the preparations, and the
next day we learned that the trip had been canceled. We were
disappointed, but also a bit relieved that we wouldn’t have to prepare
to leave in such a hurry. We realized that the Lord had wanted us to
follow Him, even if it meant going to the other side of the world with 4
days notice, and we knew that even though the trip was canceled, the
situation had happened for a reason. Because of our willingness to go
on such short notice, our organization realized how strongly we felt
about ___ and how much we wanted to help. At the same time that we
were told that the trip was being canceled, we were also invited to
participate in another trip that was planned for March 2007. What a
We immediately began preparing for the March trip. We started to gather
supplies, we sent out letters to friends and family, and we prayed a
lot. There were many times when we wondered if we’d be able to go on
the trip, but the Lord was faithful to provide the things we needed. At
one point, some of the money we needed had come in, but we were still
lacking a lot before we could go. We prayed and prayed, and we asked
others to pray, and within the next week, the money was there! A little
after that, political unrest in another country was threatening to keep
the rest of our team from being able to go, which would have meant that
the trip would again be canceled. We prayed, we asked others to pray,
and the turmoil subsided. The Lord is so faithful! Every step of the
way, He has opened doors for us to go on this trip, and each time he
does, it increases my faith. I can say, “Lord, I’m nervous about this
trip and about the situations we might face, but You provided for us to
go and You paved the way for us, so I will trust in You to guide us
while we’re there!”
So while we did not hear an audible voice telling us to go to ___, we
saw the Lord guide us faithfully during the past year through prayer,
circumstances, and trials. He truly speaks in a still, small voice.
This trip will be from March 3 – April 6. There is the possibility of
another trip in September, and we hope to go there full-time (for 3-4
years) very soon after that. We are just waiting on the ok from our
organization, on raising enough money to be able to go, and on the
Lord’s perfect timing!

Drew: What is the vision God has placed on your heart for the ___ people group? Are there any other mission works taking place in the country or is this grass-roots effort?

Meg: During this first trip, our team will be holding literacy workshops to
train community members to teach others to read. We will also be
holding crisis and trauma counseling sessions (since so many ___
people have been devastated by civil war). My husband and I will
primarily be gathering language data to help our organization know where Bible
translations are needed. (This is officially called “language survey.”)

There are a few other missions organizations in the country, such as a
Samaritan’s Purse missionary a bit farther north. However, we will
primarily be working with the local churches and local governments on
this trip.

Drew: Has the concept of missions and serving abroad always been with you as a Christian, or was there some event, book, or person that really influenced you?

Meg: I can remember hearing about missions in church and at home when I was
very young, and it always fascinated me. When I was about seven years
old, I remember telling a missionary from China that I was going to be a
missionary someday. That desire did not stay with me as I grew up; my
future job fluctuated every so often from artist to chef to ballet
dancer, but I was sure that no matter what else I was, I was definitely
going to be a mother. Once I started to think seriously about my
future, I knew that I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, just like my
mother was. She has made a huge impact on my life, and I wanted to do
the same for my own children. She and my father always supported
missions, and they encouraged me to read about missionaries. I used to
read books by Elizabeth Elliot with Mama, and once I began studying
linguistics, I added other beloved missionary authors to my reading
list. One of the most encouraging and challenging that I have read in
the past year is Evidence Not Seen: A woman’s miraculous faith in the
jungles of WWII by Darlene Deibler Rose.

Drew: Many evangelical women in North America are already over-burdened with a family and/or a job. Others feel that they’re ’stuck’, they’ve made decisions in the past where they feel missions is something “I can never see myself doing” (too much debt, too many local responsibilities etc.). As a woman, how would you encourage fellow sisters in Christ under these circumstances to consider something radical for the Kingdom, like going to ___ for the spread of God’s glory?

Meg: We are so blessed in the United States. We have God’s Word available to
us in a language that we can understand, and we even have numerous
versions and translations to choose from. I would encourage you women
to think first of of people in other countries who do not have this
blessing. They have no way to hear about God’s love for them and
Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross, much less access to a Bible. Then, I
would encourage you to spend a lot of time in prayer. Ask the Lord what
he would have you do to spread his Gospel to every tongue, tribe, and
nation. It may be that he wants you to support a missionary from your
area financially and make it possible for them to continue serving
overseas. It may be that he will lead you to go on short-term missions
trips. It may be that he uses you (just as he used my parents) to
influence your children to be like Christ so that one day they can serve
as missionaries. It may also be that he will call you to do something
radical, like going overseas! But depend upon the fact that if you ask
God to show you, he will answer! He longs for us to trust him enough to
offer our lives to him for whatever purpose he chooses. He will
provide a way for you to fulfill your calling even when you can see no
possible way. He delights in showing us his faithfulness and his
power. I encourage you to ask him what he would have you do, and then
be willing to obey!

Drew: How have you been involved with missions in your local area down in Dallas, Texas? What is your church (please list church website) currently doing to reach the local community? Do you partner with other churches? If so, what are their names?

Meg: Besides financial support of missions, I have not recently been involved
in organized missions work in Dallas. I have focused more on evangelism
through personal relationships. Our church (Grace Community Church, is involved with many local organizations. They
support the local crisis pregnancy centers, homeless houses, etc, and
they also lead regular mission trips into Mexico through
Spanish-speaking part of our church.

Drew: How can we pray for you as you travel over for this opportunity?

Meg: Please pray for our safety in travel and that we will stay healthy while
we are gone. Please pray for the people that we will meet. Pray that
the Lord will prepare their hearts to hear the Gospel and to receive his
Word, and pray that He will give us wisdom as we gather language data.
Please pray for the trauma counseling and for those who will attend;
pray that we will be able to minister to them and that they will accept
Jesus as their savior.

Drew: If people wanted to make donations to support this effort, how can they contact you:

Meg: [For security reasons, I have removed the information and address previously listed here. If you are interested in supporting our work, please leave a comment on this page, and I will respond by email.]

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